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how to apply Japanese visa

The type of visa we support is    Tourism with Travel Agency Guarantee
Purpose of visit must be tourism
You can get visa  15days, 30days or 90days of expiry
Details / Japanese official site

Как подать на визу     landing permission Japan

Our service

  • We support you apply Japanese visa around the world
  • We will send documents you need around the world
  • You can contact us by e-mail
  • We have staffs speak Russians (native), English, Espanol and Japanese
  • While you are in Japan, we will give you free useful information
  • If you register your data in advance, we can make you document fast by your simple request
  • We are on position to reply to your request. Ask any questions you have.
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Russians (Русские) and CIS countries

To apply Japanese Visa, you must prepare two parts of documents.

  1. Documents prepare by yourself
        We describe it   "Documents Part 1"
  2. Documents prepare by us and send to you
        We describe it   "Documents Part 2"

How to apply Japanese visa  (  summary  )

  • step 1
  •   Please e-mail your copy of Passport by attached file
  • step 2
  •   Please prepare   "Documents Part 1"   in advance
  • step 3
  •   We send   "Documents Part 2"   to you
  • step 4
  •   Apply visa with  "Documents Part 1"  and  "Documents Part 2"  at Japanese embassy/cousul

How to apply Japanese visa  (  details  )

  • step 1
  •   Please e-mail your copy of passport by attached file of e-mail
  •   ( You can take photos of passport by digital camera and attach on e-mail )
  • step 2
  •   Please register your data checking this page   register now
  • step 3
  •   Please prepare    "Documents Part 1"    in advance
  •   ( for details, check follows in this page )
  • step 4
  •   We  ( or youeself ) make schedule of Japanese tour (book air ticket and hotels)
  • step 5
  •   Please pay charges to us by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer
  •   ( For details, please check our page )   fee
  • step 6
  •   We send you   "Documents Part 2"   by  Japan post  "EMS"  or  "DHL"
  • step 7
  •   Please go to Japanese embassy to apply visa with  "Documents Part 1" and  "Documents Part 2"
  • step 8
  •   After about one or two weeks, please go to Japanese embassy again to pick up visa
  • step 9
  •   After you get Japanese visa, you must go (pass Japanese immigration) before 3 month from the date you get visa

* The examination period (in embassy or consul) is approximately one week

landing permission Japan

"Documents Part 1"   you prepare

  • photo x 2  (45mm x 45mm)
  • international passport
  • domestic passport  +  ( 1 copy of registration page )


  • confirmation of reservation of air flight   (return ticket)   ( if you book air tickets by yourself )
  • confirmation of reservation of each hotels  (cover all tour days)   ( if you book hotels by yourself )


* The applicant may be required to additional documents follows (example).

  • copy of bank barance
  • certificate of employment


  • Letter of attorney of all applicant  (*1) ( if you ask someone to apply or pickup visa )

(*1)  for attorney, it may be differ depend on consul you going to apply.    Please ask about attorney at consul you going to apply.

documents      "Documents Part 2"    we send to you by EMS or DHL

  1. letter of guarantee
  2. list of applicant  ( if you are group )
  3. tour schedule  ( in case we make schedule )
  4. our company's profile
  5. copy of travel license of our company
  6. 2 sets of application forms (2 pages)    (  you can get it at Japanese embassy  ) or download


  1. confirmation of reservation of each hotels  ( cover all days)   ( if we book hotels for you )  
  2. confirmation of reservation of air flight   ( if we book air tickets for you )  
  3. other documents by case


* Russian and CIS who reside in countries follows, the  "Documents Part 1"   may be different.
Please ask Japanese embassies/consulates you live.
United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore.

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fax   fax No.     tourist permission No.

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